re: thinking about decentralized social media @darius @cwebber @emacsen ok so i don't know what Tahoe is but i looked up DataShards and it seems to be this thing:

> Datashards brings secure storage foundations to the modern web. It allows users and application developers to reason about secure, private data online or offline.

Sounds similar. I see OCAP, which I recognize but don't understand.

> Datashards is still in early development and is subject to change as it becomes more mature. As of now there are no official, formal specifications.

Short of a spec, there is a rationale:

i have no idea what it is or how it relates but it seems interesting so i'm reading into it.


re: thinking about decentralized social media @darius

oh, there's a python implementation:

this seems like a deep pre-alpha project, but it is concerned with the same essential problem of providing decentralized privacy and security assurances at the data layer. i'll have to read more; it's relevant prior art (but? not prior? living and contemporary?)

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