future: junkers and librists 

in the future there are two major camps of techno-radicals: junkers, and librists.

librists -- actually, libre-ists -- believe in ethical works from the ground up. they operate far-flung rare earth repositories and small-scale manufacturies which produce artisinal computers. wood finish, decent transistor count, moddable, open source. in many ways: the dream of open hardware.

junkers take what exists. the logistics of producing electronics are slow at best and critically unreliable the rest of the time, so junkers repair machines left by the capitalists. it's shit tech made shittier by age, but there's plenty of it so at least you never run out of spares.

"that's comcast tech," a librist says with disgust.

"zero net waste op," the junker replies dismissively.

re: future: junkers and librists 

ever since the First Nations curtailed most mining operations on Turtle Island, producing lithium batteries and other components of classical computers has become... difficult, to say the least. some communes have even begun to experiment with ash-etched circuit boards as an emerging third way of technical operations. more out of necessity than of ideology, this practice presently remains nameless.

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joke, future: junkers and librists 

@garbados the cw made me imagine some aristocratic knights battling a bunch of librarians

future: junkers and librists 

@garbados perfect. i have a friend who is a relentless junker. this sums up his worldview perfectly
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