software vs writing 

software: no one knows what you do, and everyone who does including yourself hates it. there are limitless niches of valuable work to be done — valuable in a social sense, as open source of course goes unpaid — but most such niches are so obscure that the necessary connective tissue required to form the greater whole will never materialize, unless done by capitalists, who will ruin it.

writing: everyone writes. everyone writes better than you. everyone writes so much that editors beyond number are bored of stories better than anything you’ll ever write. they are so bored that even joking about the boredom is cliche. when you receive a $20 check for a work you spent a month shopping around, you will feel grateful. but at least it is much harder to write anything deadly than it is in software.

software vs writing 

@garbados this is a beautiful summary. I once saw a FOSDEM lightning talk by people writing software for the cognitively impaired (ex. People with Alzheimer's). Trying to give them memory aids to keep their dwindling social lives alive. Immensely valuable work, and apparently totally unbroken ground in terms of UX research.

And funding, I think, was almost non-existant.

re: software vs writing 

@michiel yeah, really. it feels so weird, this disconnect between the astounding capabilities of software to connect us in previously impossible ways, and the things software is actually used for by our economy. like, we could transform disability as we know it, but all that seems able to justify the expense of labor is propaganda, weaponry, and prettified spreadsheets for egotistical failsons.

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