walt whitman: we contain multitudes

ten crows in a trenchcoat, standing nearby: no we don’t

y’ever been so startled by something that you decomposed into your constituent birds? right? happens to everyone! (*birds in trenchcoat flapping nervously*)

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@garbados what is consciousness but a murmuration of neurons, twisting themselves into fantastic clouds of thought as they sail through time.

@garbados if he really contained multitudes he'd be called Walt Whitmen


ezra pound: make it new

crows: uh, beg to differ, anti-flock human


ezra pound: *launches into anti-semitic tirade that has something to do with ibises*

crows: *fly away*

later: *divebombs*

@garbados if he contains multitudes, he should call himself the Whitman Sampler

@garbados meanwhile a river moves and blackbirds are flying somewhere cause that's how rivers work

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