vexillology is cool. it's like numerology for colors.

leftist columns bearing a thousand different flags. nations and anti-nations, the classic black-and-faction in countless shades, the chevrons and bars of radical queers, remixes of gears and fists and hammers and spaceships reflecting the dynamics of our collected traditions. every one shouts with meaning.

you know what the most cursed flag is tho? rainbow fifty stars. what the fuck

liberals: cramming a hundred words onto a lawn sign to enumerate their hollow niceties. buying it from a t-shirt shop for twenty dollars.

leftists: colors chosen for their meaning. clean, simple designs. numerous variations and a complex discourse therein. printing on whatever we fucking can.

@garbados be the foot treading on the snake

(a yellow flag showing a snake being stepped on, saying “I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED THE OPPOSITE OF THIS”)

@bhtooefr @garbados I love that this was made by a musician

It’s uses a jazz font from proprietary music notation software and I can’t think of why anyone else would just randomly have it on their computer


It's precisely because flags denote who we are and what we value that they generate so much discussion.

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