@data hmm, valid. my partner offered “the inverse of retro-futurism”

@garbados Re-proposing a meme of some time ago: omnipotent corporations - check, hyper technological big brother - check, omnipresent and unreliable media - check, but where are the AIs that become sentient and take over the wordl? The only positive event is absent! :)

@spartaco_lemme here's my take on AI: what the fear represents is really a fear of the dominance of impersonal institutions over human interests, which is actually a very old problem that doesn't require computers to manifest. capitalist institutions perpetuate poverty and privation, wholly artificial problems, and we all feel powerless to oppose it even as it opposes our most fundamental interests.

in the same way, fear of robots is actually a fear of workers gaining class consciousness. (further, the metaphor of cyborgs is fulfilled by all the people who depend on complex industrial operations for the means of survival. see: HRT, etc.)

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