just abandoning the pretense and building a filesharing service

my last thought before going unconscious yesterday was "because we have passed peak software, it is destructive to produce additional application contexts, because they only foster more software -- software that runs software that runs software."

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my project `dat-gateway` has been in an infuriating state of flux for many months because it is an application context.

"a gateway? an application context? what?" you say, like a reasonable human being.

thanks to the horror of javascript, websites are applications, and the browser grants them powers based on their context. a gateway sharing archives under a single domain allows the web apps in those archives to read each other's data, because the browser assumes that one domain == one owner. thus a proper gateway cannot use a single domain, but must wildcard archive domain names. setting up this wildcard has been an excruciating process that i still haven't finished, and i'm fucking fed up with it. DNS is a trap.

i reject that websites should be applications, or that we should be building additional application contexts. software is SO BAD and feeding the monster won't fix it. all we want to do is share files, anyway.

"serverless" you preach, sans union, sans guild, churning demoware forever

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software griping, purpose of radical software 

software is capital. software saves labor, and under capitalism all labor saved is labor disenfranchised. software produced for money almost invariably reproduces capital's power. you wanna know what software can do instead? remember aaron schwartz. loot the digitarium and never let them kill you for it.

among archivists, pirates reign.

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@pineappleface reading the source, finding this comment above the GA script at the end 😂

<!-- yes, I know...wanna fight about it? -->

@pineappleface yeah dude let's fucking fight. fuck google.

otherwise i'm down with it

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