yeah it’s fine that the masto web UI experiences 60s+ input lag, sure, i love software,,

you: we need javascript to stream updates to the client

a phone, the client, running the app in a sandbox of a sandbox of a sandbox of a sandbox: hnnnngggh rrrgggghhhh

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websites are bad, you say? you don’t like opening the browser for every little thing, you say? well good on you, because we’ve just released a desktop version of our app — which is just the website plus two more levels of sandboxing, plus we get to mine your telemetry 🤡

Grumbling about contract work 

@garbados to my undying annoyance, the next part of this contract is probably going to be taking a website that we made and making it an app.
An app that displays exactly what is on the website and uses exactly the same back-end.

If the client had listened a month ago we would have just made a native app that worked better, but somehow the client thought that doing it in two steps would be cheaper.

@garbados plus a bunch of (browser-provided) keyboard shortcuts no longer work 🤡

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