> France and the UK have reportedly chosen to stick to centralized data collection, but their apps may not work properly on smartphones, and the UK has created a contingency plan to switch to Apple and Google’s system.

is international policy really being set on the basis of whether you can get a mobile build out? lord

a government: do you know anyone who can make good software?
every other government: ...
google: oh, i do!

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@garbados Excited to find out what epidemiology as excecuted by a company that had two media services competing against each other will look like.


@garbados thinking about that iowa primary election reporting mobile app snafu a little while ago and going "i suppose this is the repeating-itself-as-tragedy part of the cycle, although it seems like maybe we _started_ with farce, so..."

@garbados i mean, i have heard that in poorer areas of the country, people more often have smartphones than computers...

@devurandom @garbados a lot of folks in my extended family use the Internet exclusively from a phone, or a (family) tablet.

I have seen folks type stuff into a TV Web browser that i didn't think a TV Web Browser should ever be used for, but here we are

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