I'm helping on Scuttlebutt (a p2p social network) and we're looking for feedback and advice like: what are your privacy needs? How would you like blocking to work?

If you'd like to help with a survey or phone/video chat, please let me know by DM or at

This is an anti-commercial open source project. We want to make something accessible that meets the needs of people who have been harassed online and want a safer space to hang out with friends, and don't want to be dependent on Twitter/Facebook.




block: refuse to receive or exchange messages about a blocked peer. drop all blocked content from disk. this protects against illegal number attacks, which is crucial.

mute: squelch a peer, removing their messages from your UI. allow “timed” mutes, so that you can put someone in “timeout” from your perspective, without ejecting them from your network altogether. you may still exchange messages on the muted peer’s behalf.

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