whenever i log into windows i am filled with regret

everything about computers is so deeply terrible that any arguing “actually i like my computer” feels like it comes from the lips of a swamp monster rising up from a pool of shit


you have no idea how much better things could be

oh sure, nvidia, i will definitely Log In With Google to update my fucking graphics drivers

of course, windows, i will Sign In With Microsoft Live just to give you my telemetry. anything in it for me? no? ok, well, keep up the good work

i believe in the possibility of computing technology but the promise has been unceremoniously shat upon by capitalism, then shat upon again, and again, and then eventually you get windows 10 and javascript

i use ubuntu as my primary OS and even then all the time i’m like, random crashes? shitty drivers? astoundingly bad configuration menus, and the flabbergasting absence of configuration menus at all? the inevitable need to wipe your computer yearly but never for the same reason? well, at least it’s *nix :) :) :) :) :)

@garbados Recently Windows started showing you "Make the best of your Windows!" fullscreen advertising banners if you log in with a traditional offline account instead of the online ones (if you can even still create them).

@elomatreb so that’s what that is. i thought they were trying to lock me out of my account ffs

@garbados I'm really looking forward to the day when there isn't a tiny grey skip link in the corner anymore
@garbados I'm reasonably sure I have those things disabled, but I also heard they offer different options depending on if you're in a GDPR country or not

@elomatreb the cortana process, on my machine, is unkillable. you can disable it from passive listening and from querying the internet, but the process itself just restarts if you kill it and there’s no uninstalling it

@garbados I admit I haven't taken a close look in recent times because I only use it to play games anymore

@elomatreb same, and then whenever i want to play games i’m reminded how fucking awful it is

@garbados If I never have to google another problem where the answer includes "sudo nano" it'll be too soon.

@dankwraith what have i got to lose but all my data and countless hours

@garbados I used Ubuntu for a while, but tried to go back to MEPIS and ended up with MX. It's been a lot more stable and easier to config, and I like that its default desktop is xfce. But then you probably already knew that from my liveblogging the upgrade I just did.

@garbados i feel like we’re at least getting glimpses of the ways things could be better. nixOS’s deterministic system builds, for example, are a fringe techhead feature right now, but ubuntifying them could be phenomenal.

of course, then there’s that shift of what ubuntify means. it used to be make and present as accessible to a less fringe audience, but then there’s making everything a snap install and canonical’s low-key obsession with making their own doomed-to-being-only-used-by-*buntu solutions (isolutions?) to things instead of helping & reinforcing others.

@garbados this is the sentiment I was trying to convey during my dd-related breakdown the other day. But instead I mostly just got several people telling me what the correct syntax was, which like... yes, I was able to look that up on my own. The point is it shouldn’t have taken me an hour, 3 failed attempts, and an internet connection to find a method to write a disk image to a disk (and in addition, a command where a single typo can result in you wiping your main disk without warning shouldn’t be accepted as the gold standard tool)

@s0 @garbados the philosophy entails that root is allowed to shoot him/her self in the foot. There is also the warning that you shouldn't use it unless you have to.

@nunof @garbados yeah and that’s a bad philosophy. Nobody likes being shot in the fucking foot, you only shoot yourself in the foot by accident (because the tools you have don’t make it safer) that’s the whole point. Don’t @ me to disagree

@s0 @garbados There is no disagreement, just observing that you seem to be saying that you prefer other philosophies and that's okay, you have existing alternatives. But if you are to try to understand this one, perhaps you shouldn't start by implying that 'dd' should try to second guess you and warn you about the file descriptor you gave him.

@s0 @garbados because that would lead that philosophy down a rabbit hole that perhaps you don't understand. Small is beautiful and articulating simple primitives to make complex structures emerge is only possible because of that. For anyone that prefers tautologies and cathedrals there's plenty to go around.

@nunof @s0 "small is beautiful" is small solace when you have a hole in your foot; when any alternative is just another way to get shot by some more moneyed player. there's no philosophizing the moment that you try to replace a tire on your car and then the engine falls out; that moment never needs to occur. we as craftspeople must aspire to better than that.

@garbados @s0 It's not a matter of better but of suitable. If you don't want someone to be able to shoot him/her self in the foot you remove their guns, but you need to understand that there are use-cases for guns. You can restrict a system (even Linux) but you also restrict possibilities/creative uses. This is always true, even you you go to more technical depths. A programmer can be safer writing in the context of a framework, but (s)he will never be able to write an OS in that level of abstraction

@garbados @s0 Please don't assume there aren't other use cases, there are many - linuxquestions.org/questions/f - it's great Linux is increasingly being used by more and more different people but you shouldn't expect its main features (freedom, openness, technical excellence to have same OS run in your phone and the most powerful computers) to go away.

@garbados @s0 This is not to say that your use-case doesn't make sense, just that - considering Linux user-base and history - doesn't make sense to be the default one. Ubuntu for instance IIRC has disabled root account and only sudo available - you can easily configure sudo to only be able to run previously configured commands that you supposedly validated as okay. There are more advanced options when Linux is being used in schools for instance but you need someone to lock it down first.

@garbados @s0 This is an important advantage of Linux - you can cover about any use-case you can think of, it's just it's not possible to cover them all with one distro out-of-the-box configuration. There are a lot of distros through, perhaps you would like elementary OS better, it's a very nice distro elementary.io/

@nunof @s0 look, i'm not making assumptions about use cases; please don't put words in my mouth. i think you're missing the point, that prevailing dynamics foster software ecosystems that are brittle and unintuitive because it's so hard to fund the vertical integration -- that is, from essential libraries all the way to userland applications. software is constantly beset by burnt-out projects and funding with onerous strings, so it's not a matter of "misunderstanding the philosophy" but of needing to attack *dynamics* -- of understanding that technology is not the solution to itself.

regarding OS, let's be real: for most people, the OS is just a boot loader for the browser, which represents standards and norms that are overwhelmingly user-hostile. switching OS doesn't fix that problem. again, you must attack the dynamics.

@garbados @s0 agree, I believe we're not talking about the same thing. I began by replying to a complain about a slight error in a command that led to a catastrophe. Can't find that anymore, I may have been blocked. You seem to be postulating that open communities create heterogeneous environments that have far too many bifurcations and flavours to be massively accepted and "save the world" from corporate centrally planned software.

@garbados @s0 On that topic you are absolutely right, although that's not the only reason why F/OSS doesn't take off on the desktop/laptop.

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