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me: communism will win


trying to turn the crows into socialists by reading das kapital to them, but they just want bread. when will they organize to overthrow *checks notes* barry the crow who always eats first and insists on the highest perch?

i think i’m making headway with crowpotkin though. the murder seems to enjoy their “Bredde Booke”

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People will be confused by your "Organizing A Murder" podcast, no matter how apt its name

@Shufei nope. it’s gibberish to them. when i try talking to them they either ignore it or get freaked out

@garbados What do they seem to make of humans? Do the rue our rapacious clutch upon this fecund Earth? Do they find us discomfiting or ridiculous?

@Shufei discomfiting. the chief products of humankind are trash and death, but they recognize us as individuals capable of overcoming those tendencies. so looking at a crow is rude, because chiefly it is exterminators who do that, but crows will tell each other about sympathizers like me — even if i do rude things like look at them 😛

@garbados Have you put more thought into statistical analysis of vocalizations and gestures with a camera maybe? Just to see what sort of semantic bandwidth is going on?

@Shufei nope. sticking with bread and seed while i tend to my health 😷

@Shufei but at the same time i feel like they bark *at me* sometimes, half-expecting me to understand. but the greater channel we share is body language: they know i notice them, and they know that i make offerings, so they’ll get my attention with a swoop or a tactical shit (not joking) and then let each other know by barking a bunch. i believe they share 1) who made the offering 2) what the offering was, though i don’t know how much they communicate about the location of the offering (“here!” vs “scattered among the grasses on the south side of the street!”)

@garbados This wants deep research. You have become our embassy amongst them. I hope you can at least learn your crow name.

@Shufei my going theory is that crow names are LONG and have to do with deeds and lineage, so individuals can be placed among their extended family and further be afforded rank in their status-games. so instead of “ted” you get “ted who seized the third-highest perch at the last perch-game, who dropped a nut on a car in motion and caused a crash, who is mated to fred, from the nest of the murder by the safeway,” etc., but ted would be known to other crows chiefly by size, plumage, and immediate relation.

@Shufei i think a crow tried to give me a proper name once but i was laughing too loud (at something else) and it interrupted them. so rude

@garbados I never thought of crows as sticklers for politeness, but if they are playing status games with a polyunsaturated language then it makes sense. How did you know hims gave you a name?

@Shufei it was a loud long series of barks that were very unusual for the time and place, and we managed to interrupt them which is also unusual. still, just a guess

@garbados Do you know any crows what seem to dislike status games and not participate?

@Shufei i'm confident that some opt to not participate, or otherwise who opt to act solely as spectators and commentators, but i frequently see large gatherings fighting over the highest perches on specific trees (but not always the same ones). i believe that perching high is some kind of status thing, but of course everybody eventually leaves the tree so who knows how it works. did they win this round? is "winning" even an appropriate construct here?

@garbados Maybe it is more like “sorting” than winning, like a crowd finding their friends at a ball game. Do they really seem to fight? Have you seen some as push others off the high bough?

@Shufei yeah they'll box and buffet each other, usually by trying to land where a crow is already perched. on the ground they'll throw their claws at each other to enforce pecking order (literally who pecks food first) which strikes me as a total asshole thing to do, but seeing a crow do a flying kick is pretty cool.

@garbados So it’s like a pride of lions or primates bumping chests... Yes, higher order sociality going on. Maybe crows can get on Beakbook or Humansite and get clout.

I do remember from anthropology that the odd ducks are often the best informants. Maybe try to make friends with the weirdos?

@garbados They will be on the fringes and down, I bet. I’d be interested to see how your overtures play out with the high status Corax Kings.

@Shufei i mean, the crows around here live pretty well. lots of lawns to check for bugs in the mornings, lots of food places that leave bits and scraps in the mid-day, and then a handful of folks like me -- for example the folks at the gas station down the block, who feed crows who come by.

@garbados So they won’t be very lusty for your offerings then... What if you offer something no one else does? Shiny shiny? Something you see them use in trade?

@Shufei i mean, they sure like bread. i'll have to witness more trades to (that is, more than 0) to understand any complexity there. i could leave what *i* consider shiny things 🤔

@garbados Violate the prime directive, I say. Test what they like and then start favouring the weirdos. Then observe the squawk. Nothing reveals social parameters like undermining cool.

@garbados ah, you see, you mistake is reading Capital to them. Barry is not, in fact, a capitalist, as he does not exploit the surplus labour value of the other crows via wage labour in order to multiply his capital; rather, new theory, fit for the context of the crow, is required

@restioson a trialectic, of bug and seed and foodcart trash

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