i don't know how many times i can say "death cult" but i just keep finding occasion for it, sorry


you, crying: diana you can't just call everything "death cult" that doesn't make it true

me, pointing at the priests offering up millions to a death god: d-

i guess calling it a death cult sounds vulgar but there it goes sacrificing human life again, day by day and hour by hour

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@garbados I mean, don’t most death cults generally not like to be called death cults?

@skipsageneration i feel like there's a line. one one side of the line, it's gauche to call it a death cult. we're just purveyors of an economic model. rising tide, all boats, etc. it's terrible that greek politicians misspent all that money; it's certainly only their fault that imposed austerity is literally starving the people.

but eventually you pass the threshold of their warped church and find them all in their robes, knives in hand before the altar to death itself. "reopen the economy" they chant, and all their knives fall upon flesh.

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