i love having to let a page load for a full minute so its fucking endless javascript stops moving elements around

turning websites into executables was a fucking mistake

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the url bar? oh, you mean this shortcut to download dot com's one-click-get-fucked feature?

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i've given up on the browser, frankly. websites are a fascinating syndication model but the ecosystem is a mess owned by monsters, the architecture is a living nightmare, and the testing paradigm is a layer of hell. write servers instead, or drop javascript altogether. if entering a URL means downloading your entire fucking app anyway, just ask users to download something. oh, they won't? welcome to not relying on impression manipulation you petty huckster

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i need to do a post-mortem on dat-gateway because browser js bullshit killed that project

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corporatists springing from every crack like so many blood-sucking mites

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> This is a wretched state of affairs. Entering a URL does not represent consent to install software. Imagine an app store where even examining an app meant you had already installed it. Would you want to use that app store? I wouldn't. So how in heck have we arrived at that pattern for browsing the internet?

> The profitability of surveillance has coalesced into a present where sites shame us for blocking the execution of JavaScript, or for executing it selectively to avoid ads and malware. They believe that a refusal to be surveilled threatens their livelihoods.


@garbados sorry, I am so tired of this absolutely correct point of view, I would have expected someone to actually do something about it in the last two years ;w;

@efi the trick is that our circumstances are shaped by dynamics, so it's not merely that someone must "do something" but that such a something must drastically alter our governing dynamics.

in other words, to make good software we must destroy capitalism.

@efi @garbados I'm doing something: Illustrating that a simpler JS-free Web can best target a wider variety of devices!


Now what would a Braille web browser look like? Or a virtual/augmented reality one? There's plenty of creativity left to be had in this space!

@garbados Some comments on your article

* It's not "permit it service workers" it's "permit it to show notifications" because that's the impressive level of marketing that's gone into making that request sound like something you'd want.

* It's not just websites that shame us for blocking javascript/ads/malware. I've had conversations with people close to me who argued that blocking ads on youtube was bad because it hurt the small content creators whose content I consume.

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