Neoliberal Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Give folks X amount a month
- Remove the social safety net (free healthcare, etc.) “because now there’s UBI”

Progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Pay everyone a living wage
- Also keep the social safety net

Very different things.

@aral does a progressive UBI (“PUBI”) do anything to make sure your mincome doesn’t just get soaked up by landlords raising rent?

@garbados @aral you always get a living wage. when that is increased, the UBI must get increased too!


@davidak @aral quick aside, a "wage" is always in exchange for work, paid out by an employer. a UBI, in which your income is not dependent on working, is categorically not a wage.

@garbados @davidak @aral your housing costs should be anything *in excess of* some generously-set expected-usage: water, power etc. Rent... that's a trickier Q, I think rents should be locked from increasing when UBI is deployed, starting several months ahead to reduce (it won't prevent) rent gouging. UBI should be scaled to local Cost Of Living - this incorporates Rent, basic food costs, and enough discretionary funds to prevent stagnation

@garbados @davidak @aral
if local rent is $700 averaged over a munizone, with little variation, then local UBI can account for that. what gets harder is when there's a large variation in a munizone in relatively short distances, ex from $500 to $1200.

@garbados @aral the term "living wage" means, according to wikipedia: "the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs". An UBI should not be less than that amount!

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