i sometimes feel like no new software has been written since 1970 and that all we do is mindlessly reinvent


capitalism effectively halts genuine invention by forcing all things to act as financial instruments first and foremost. what cannot profit, cannot exist; so public infrastructure like digital networks can only grow sideways by building bigger and bigger paywalls. volunteer efforts such as linux face a labor ceiling that capitalism can manipulate effortlessly: squeeze the worker, and they lose the bandwidth to volunteer; buy the worker, and you buy control of the project.


Fair point. Maybe some software has continued to be invented (Processing, Mozilla, Ubuntu).

The philosopher/psychiatrist duo Deleuze & Guattari proposed that capitalism is adaptable because it amalgamates. When something appears that counters capitalism (the punk movement is a good example) the system integrates then changes this into something economic (sk8r punk) - see their book "Anti-Oedipus"

Hacker culture suffers the same. The culture can be changed (live in hope!)

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