horseshoe crabs are the FORTRAN matrix lib that hasn’t been updated in 45 years because it never needed an update of the animal world

humans like to think they’re superior for accomplishments like “fire” and “explosions” and “causing a mass extinction” but in our hearts we know the horseshoe crab is the real mvp

algae is the bad boy of creatures. humans can fuck this planet up but algae has fucked it up multiple times like a stone cold bastard


algae terraformed the shit out of this planet and nearly wiped themselves out across multiple eons and they weren’t even centrists

don’t even get me started on tardigrades, the original astronauts

@hope i mean when they were blasted into space by the force of asteroid impacts, where they simply freeze-dry themselves for eternity

@garbados @hope I think most of them eventually die after a few days in hard vacuum. There are extremophile bacteria that are much better at surviving space.

@garbados algea are so terrifying that fungi had to force a symbiosis as a truce

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