working on “blockchain is bad for this” arguments in under 500 characters

i work part-time for a cryptocoin startup so i want to be gentle about saying “your fundamental architecture is wrong”

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still it’s jarring when folks treat this p2p ledger construct as a revolutionary wunderkind. it’s only revolutionary-seeming because it’s easy to monetize 🤷‍♀️

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blockchain, a distributed ledger construct, is useful for:

- stuff that needs a ledger, like fintech
- literally nothing else

thanks for coming to my ted talk

you foolish legalist! governance cannot be enshrined, only practiced. your cleverness engenders brittle monuments.

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@thegibson @garbados

"I've got something that tracks changes in files in a tree structure with cryptographic hashes."

*money gets thrown at me*

*use git to implement it*

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