stayed up too late reading my own sci-fi drafts, reaffirming my blood feud with exposition

you think this massive setting needs some setup? don’t even know what a Minot looks like? too bad! like i would reveal such secrets

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i need to find a happy medium between “er-ka rode the train to work, during which she happened to notice every cultural implication of every detail around her” and terse dialogue like “you fucko! fuck your ethics!”

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it’s hard to know where to start with “communist space animals are good to each other for hundreds of thousands of years” so i started with the time a couple cows and a squid took up arms against a hivemind that keeps livestock

the secret of this setting is that everything has an extremely low-effort name indicating its corresponding earth-creature. you think "auters? couldn't possibly just be otters" but they are just otters, with advanced space tech

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only the dabulans don't have a name indicating their squidhood. instead their name comes straight from a randomly-generated stellaris species. yes this entire project is a collaborative stellaris fic, why do you ask,,

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this is a smart plan that cannot fail. you are the winner. you win

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