imagine if 99.99% of advertisers were working on literally anything else

egregious how adamantly capitalists do not understand how much work work takes

*glares at startups*

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but then nobody would know -- oh, wait, right. nobody needs filthy adverts

@sydneyfalk @garbados i'm guessing the actually informative advertising ("the nearest tire shop to your state location is ___") is what the 0.01% is being kept for

@carcinopithecus @sydneyfalk pretty much! there is a place for routing you to the goods and services you seek, and that labor is good, but it is like a distant cousin of advertising as we know it

@garbados @carcinopithecus

essentially advertising as it exists needs to be destroyed. search negates advertising's "necessity" nearly entirely in almost all use cases IMO

@sydneyfalk @garbados agreed 100%, esp. given how totally destructive modern advertising is to all honest attempts to find what you're looking for

@garbados they have been out of the loop for awhile. There isn't enough opportunity to acquire significant capital by doing work these days.

@garbados I was tempted to disagree with this (maybe not vocally but just like in my head or whatever) because I take tech bro startup work to fund advertising work for nonprofits like food and shelters and skill/job programs but then I considered that if we abolish capitalism, we'd have no need to entice folks to donate to them in the first place because they wouldn't exist or they wouldn't be starved for funding 🤔

So as an advertising-adjacent person, true.

@guerrillarain @garbados imagine if you didn't have to spend time with your awful clients!

@garbados imagine if 99.99% of wall street quants were working on literally anything else

@KitRedgrave @garbados we find the best and brightest and trap them in math mazes to keep them from helping the revolution

@amsomniac @KitRedgrave come on down to the silly con valley and help us solve the hardest problems in the world! like "how much javascript can your browser run before it crashes"

@amsomniac @KitRedgrave @garbados It really, really is. Every STEM endeavour now is massively cooperative. And doing quant work seems almost designed to drug people with money and self-importance for relatively easy work. It pisses me off that capitalism has taken such a fascinating tool as prediction markets and employed it exclusively for *asset pricing*.

@garbados we would have so much more good art if the marketing & pr industry wasn't crushing the souls of every single creative person with student loans

@datatitian you can almost hear their souls screaming through their works

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