fuck malthus and all descendant ideologies. you’re so close to getting it! but when you blame the many for the excesses of the few, you side with the capitalist who starves us and freezes us and shoots us. don’t side with the capitalist. don’t lick the boot.


there are not too many people
there are too many rich people
that’s your fucking resource problem

@garbados Your statement makes me wonder how many people earth could support, with a decent lifestyle, if wealth was equaly distributed

@Retidurc @garbados
An estimate based on FAO food production figures gave 23 billion in 2000, extrapolating it would be about almost 40 billion in 2020.
On the other hand, the world population is not likely to grow much over 10 billion in the next century, the growth rate has been ever decreasing since the 70s.
A UN report from 2004 has an estimate of 40 billion by 2300.


The problem with these estimates is of course that they do not take into account global warming. In the best case, we'll be fine. But in the worst case, there'll be hardly any humans left. And in the more likely scenarios (i.e. still bad), food production will take a serious hit. See for example


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