when liberals are rocking themselves apart with adoration for my tepid stories of the little centrist survivor who could, i will have the decency to posit my takes about my own work as fanfiction

books one and two can be bought in stores, but books three through ten can only be found on AO3

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Taea es >>1739510
it very neatly describes the way liberals see the world and political struggle

ys Lots of people complain about the anti-climactic ending, but really I dont think it
te. sag could any other way. fd like to imagine that there’s some altemate universe where

Rowling actually believed in something and Harry was actually built up as the
j anti-Voldemort he was only hinted as being in the beginning of the books. Where

he's opposes all the many injustices of the wizarding world and determines to
change their frequently backwards, insular, contradictory society for the better, and
forms his own faction antithetical to the Death Eaters and when he finally has his
showdown with Voldy, Harry surpasses by adopting new methods, breaking the
rules and embracing change and the progression of history. While Voldemort clings
to an idyllic imaging of the past and the greatest extent of his dreams is to become
the set appointed god of a eternally stagnant Neverland, Harry has embraced the
possibility of a shining future and so can overcome the self-imposed limits
Voldemort could never cross, and Voldemort is ultimately defeated by this.

But that would require a Harry that believed in something, and since Rowling is a liberal centrist Blairite that doesnt really believe
in anything, Harry cantt believe in anything. Harry lives in a world drought with confict and injustice, a stratified class society,
slavery of sentient magical creatures, the absurd charade the wizarding world puts up to enforce their own self-segregation, a
corupted and bureauctacy-choked government, rampant racism, so on and so forth. But Harry is little more than a passive
observer for most of it, only the racism really bothers him (and then, really only racism against half-bloods). In fact, when
Hermione stands up against the slavery of elves, she’s treated as some kind of ridiculous Soapbox Sadie. For opposing chattel
slavery. In the end, the biggest force for change is Voldemort and Harry and firiends only ever fight for the preservation and
reproduction of the status quo. The very height of Harry's dreams is to join the aurors, a sort of wizard FBI and the ultimate
defenders of the wizarding status quo. Voldemort and the Death Eaters are the big instigators of change and Harry never quite
gets to Voldy’s level. Harry doesnt even beat Voldemort, Voldemort accidentally kills himself because he violated some obscure
technicality that causes one of his spells to bounce back at him.

And this is really the struggle of liberals, they live in a world fraught with confit, but arent particularly bothered by any of it
except those bit that threaten multicultural pluralism. They see change, and the force behind that change, as a wholly negative
phenomenon. Even then, they can only act within the legal and ideological framework of their society. So, for instance, instead of
organizing insurrectionary and disruptive activity against Trump and the far-right, all they can do is bang their drum about what a
racist bigot he is and hope they can catch him violating some technicality that will allow them to have him impeached or at least
destroy his political clout. It won't work, it will never work, but that’s the limit of liberalism just as it was the limit of Harry Potter.

jk rowling 

@garbados I love that meme (and love that I now know there is an OCR bot on fedi). I read a thing recently about how bad Rowling has always been about found out that, as if the treatment of the whole house elf slave plot wasn't bad enough in the books, someone (Rowling?) actually published a "pros and cons" thing on Pottermore, the "official" Potternerd bible, which further enforces the idea that Hermione is just naive and freeing literal slaves would actually be bad for the slaves.

re: jk rowling 

@ink_slinger yeah, it's extremely weird and gross to see "but they're magic so it's ok" used as an excuse for just about anything, except for the death eaters who are worse because they're rude about it

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