the multitudes of nothingmancers

evict the worm from your mind that fills it with doubt and loathing; hold accountable the faceless machine that planted it in you.

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cursing the fleshless spirits that live in our words

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do you hear it? can you see it? the creature like air itself, who replaces you from the inside out. the deathless marionette-maker borne from the very thought of it. in my dreams i bury it but when i wake i find myself the one buried.

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billions of bloodcurdling screams gathering like a storm, but a solidarity of terror provides no solace.

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honestly imagining that the spirits in my words are fleshy is a lot more horrifying. what if they have teeth

@enkiv2 @garbados
a computer on every desk and a hairy pus-filled bag of skin and teeth in every word

@enkiv2 year of linux on the boundaries between life and death

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