love to be a programmer reinventing stuff from the 70s every ten years for no reason


looks like you’ve chosen to organize your package manager as a corporation i.e. a financial instrument for the rich, setting your ecosystem up for ruthless private capture and exploitation, because you felt you had no other choice under capitalism. good luck reliving avoidable mistakes for the rest of your career!

software doesn’t make sense in a wage system. it will remain bad as long as capitalism reigns. everything will centralize because only centralization pays, your libre volunteer corps will burn out, and your wacky attempts to flip ownership models will desiccate for want of funding.

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i know i say it a lot but the only path to good software is to destroy capitalism

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software has a revolutionary role but i find that role is generally overestimated

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@garbados How would it be better in a "non-capitalist" world, however, assuming we would like to empower people? We shouldn't forget that, no matter whether or not we like it, these days it's big corporations, not FLOSS developers or communities, that provide software tools to a *wide* majority of users who, well, make use of WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, ... to do whatever they want to do using technology. And still, libre volunteers keep re-inventing the wheel for the sake of it, for ...

@garbados ... playing with libraries and programming languages and protocols and never really caring much about "wasting" the little time and effort available to enthusiast projects for trying things that weren't really necessary or aren't solving any particular need. Maybe I'm too pessimistic here, but FLOSS doesn't seem very sustainable at the moment. 😟

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