prisoner's dilemma thoughts 

here's a cooperatized prisoner's dilemma formulation for ya, premised on the scenario of two survivalists. collab means you commit labor to getting food, keeping fires, etc. and defect means you don't.

- collab + collab = 5pts each
- collab + defect = 2pts each
- defect + defect = 0 pts each

points are good. only if nobody does survival labor does everyone lose. if everyone works together, they get more done. even if not everyone works, everyone eats while there's anything to eat.

nash equilibrium at that point is to always collaborate. reminder of the classical dilemma's role in capitalist theology.


re: prisoner's dilemma thoughts 

in the classical formulation the winning strategy is called "tit for tat" in which you mirror the other player's last action, but in a survival labor scenario it makes no sense to retaliate like that.

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