i might be a cyborg but all my kit is trash and there’s no kit out there but trash. 0/10, would not recommend

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ghost in the shell is all about how shitty software is but all you hear is ooooh cyberbrains

unless you organize labor with ethics, you’ll only get villainous trash from exploited hands

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that’s all any of this is, villainous trash from exploited hands. i would say toss it in the ocean but littering is bad. throw it at your enemies instead. just be rid of it

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learn to code? become a welder instead, a flagger, a plumber, an iron- or steelworker. something with a union. something with training. something with safety standards. something with even the faintest structures for asserting ethics. there’s nothing for you behind software’s glamour but trauma and anguish.

@garbados I always found this sentiment perplexing - Steelworkers are strongly unionized, but their industry still builds tanks and bombs

@elomatreb all devs today draw wealth from rivers of blood. relatively speaking you’re better off with the union

@elomatreb @garbados nae pasaran! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/nae-pasaran-inspiring-real-life-13519679

Unionised people still do bad stuff sometimes, of course, but you're still better off in a unionised workplace.

@garbados hummm..

surely.. there are some guilds and unions for coders?

@ahanon @garbados If not there really should be. Here in Germany we have unions we can join. I joined the one that unionizes workers in the services sector. (ver.di)

@ahanon @garbados I however understand the general point made in this thread. The industry is fucked up, based on the same revenue streams as most other big bad companies and not crafting anything physical quickly destroys any sense of value of work.

@ahanon in the US? nope. you can get fired for even saying union.

@garbados also you’re honestly probably far better off in a revolution or apocalypse if you can do those physical infrastructure skills

@sophistoche @garbados i can, and it hasn't helped me.

Granted, I am just one person.

Unionized industries seem to require certifications and classes. I've been welding since I was five, but I still gotta prove I'm a deserving individual by paying my way past the industry gatekeeping. I taught myself how to use a lathe, milling machine, and a vast array of common shop tools, and functionally I could call myself a millwright or a pipefitter or a machinist, but the union is afraid of uncertified individuals lowering wages for everyone they represent.

I've done construction from groundbreaking to foundations to shingles and drywall, wiring and plumbing. If you're not licensed and bonded, nobody cares that you grew up doing construction on the farm.

The only industry that I've seen with a decent union is secretarial services for my capital city's desk workers.

Working with your hands is not the answer.

I don't know what is.

@garbados Yes, post collapse skills are very important.

@garbados aaannnndddd this is exactly why i got out of "IT"

@garbados Ouch. Yes, us software devs are makers and we need a union too. And yes, we got training, education, certification just like any other engineer and / or architect. And yes, each of us should pick up a manual trade as well. I personally fancy blacksmithing and stone tablet messaging.

@garbados Just avoid electrician. Despite the union it has the highest on-job mortality rate in the US as I recall (Or second after skydiving instructor?)


@Canageek @garbados Yeah. Electrician is amazing, but it is a rough road.

My father worked closely with many, and I saw some fucked up injuries, among competent and alert people.


@erosdiscordia @garbados Yeah. It is one of those jobs that is just dangerous by its nature. Be a plumber. Pays well and we will never need less of them

@garbados I'm honestly definitely on the verge of dropping out of this desk job and learning to be an electrician or a welder. Would probably already have done it if I worked in tech...

@garbados @cks Sounds good to me. Trauma and anguish is what journalists deserve.
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