pretty wild that the panama papers journalist was broad-daylight assassinated and that was the end of it

i just think it’s weird how naked the autocracy of capitalism is, that even the apologia doesn’t try. raised on propaganda, i am surprised to find that’s all there ever was to it.

@zardoz yes but also significantly daphne caruana galiza, who was assassinated by car bomb

@garbados not suspicious at all, not suspicious at all.

@garbados Nah I was having a bruh moment because I didn't even know that they were assassinated...

@restioson oof, yeah. it really didn’t get reported much tbh

@garbados when the Panama papers came out I was interested in politics and news but only on a surface level (cos I was young), like general knowledge. I didn't ever do more research (because I didn't really care beyond "haha cool fact") so it makes sense that I didn't hear about that or mentally register it

@garbados I think 2016/2017 was the year that I really started paying attention because of Trump's election

@restioson you’re definitely not alone in that experience. sometimes something cuts through the haze.

@restioson @garbados The person who leaked the Panama Papers was smart and remained anonymous. Daphne Caruana Galizia was the journalist who wrote them up and started connecting them to politicians. She was killed by a car bomb in 2017.

@awmwrites @restioson i wouldn’t call her “not smart” for being a public journalist, but maybe i am naive

@garbados @restioson Sorry, didn't mean to imply Daphne wasn't smart. She was agitating from a young age and knew the risks associated with her work. She got daily threats the later part of her life. She was a brave woman who went after the people in power under her own name, and she had a target painted on her back because of it.

The person who leaked the papers has remained anonymous because they know if they come forward they'll have a target painted on their back as well.

@garbados over here there was a lot of shit for the next few weeks, I remember like graffiti in popular places and people making protests and the like

but it seems like it's all died down now - though it's still etched into everyone's minds

it sure makes me question our current leadership that's for sure.

@andre @garbados but there are people, i.e. her son, who push investigating her assassination, and thus, consequently, the culprits in the panama papers, no?

@malte @garbados yep! so at least there's that, because what happened to her should never be forgotten.

i just find it sad how quickly people moved on. including me, to some extent.

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