regarding deadspin:


> This is capitalism’s fault. Many people think capitalism is about “markets,” but the more central and destructive feature is the question of who owns capital: Is it workers and the public at large, or is it a small class of capitalists? If workers owned their companies, many of these tragedies wouldn’t happen.

regarding beto:

> Let me tell you something. Let me tell you this while I stand on a coffee table flapping my wings like the majestic condor I saw eating the sun a few minutes ago. I’m going to be president for the same reason that I started a punk band: because I will it to be true, and because it would be cool. No one from a punk band has ever been president and neither has a sentient bag of spiders. This is our time.

i’ve been disheartened by the death of splinter and deadspin, but CA keeps those demsoc brainfeels comin’

read that article about deadspin but replace every instance of “journalism” with a reference to the industry of your choice and you will see that every industry under capitalism must seek self-ownership to make anything worth a damn, to do so under bearable conditions

@garbados I am extremely disappointed that more weird cDc stuff on weird stuff about his band never made itmto national news. And now we will never know

@frickhaditcoming brb traveling to austin just to see his revival tour

@garbados yeah but you will never be Lester Holt lyricsposting on NBC nightly news

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