michael p soft had a stained glass window in his bedroom as a child. after he invented the computer, he named its first operating system "window" after it. when he made window 2, he named it "windows". 95 years later, michael p soft made windows 95 and created the tekken industry. he is also responsible for mindecrafte


"notch" is a psyop developed by british intelligence in 1915, much like finland and every city named richmond. antipatriotic forces have weaponized this myth of "notch", who did NOT invent michaelcraft because it was invented by michael p soft, to divide the people and elect vermin supreme

new jersy was invented by the activision blizzard as it swept over eastern north america in 1927. the blizzard was testing instancing software for its upcoming "michael of worldcraft" a tribue to computers, which is why whenever you visit new jersey you are visiting a different new jersy than anyone else has ever visited. to this day the raid boss remains undefeated.

anyway that was a glimpse into the growing lore of michael p soft, brought to you by my partners and i relentlessly shitposting IRL

@garbados I've always thought that every time I get in an airplane, the real reason it takes so long is because they're rearranging the set around me. places aren't actually "further away", they're just more different so it takes longer to get the new set in place

@jamey i have also had this feeling. anytime i'm in another city and i walk down a street with even a remote resemblance to something familiar, a part of me is like, "i'm on to you, my own sense of distance!"

For a moment there, I thought you had gone "bot"

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