kickstarter boldly declares "fuck you" to union organizers

> It says, in essence: drop dead. We do not care what you think. We do not want a union and we are going to try to stop one from forming. We will fire union organizers if we want to, and if they complain to the National Labor Relations Board, they will be facing our lawyers.

surprise: the law doesn't matter to the rich πŸ™ƒ

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@garbados and then their lawyers will lose because the board exists for a reason :blobcatinnocent:​

@garbados so all an employer has to do is claim an employee is an independent contractor before abusing them and the board will go "well you're wrong but okay" and do nothing? :blobcatthinking2:​

@garbados I guess the board is the wrong place to turn to. :blobmiou:​

@garbados sounds like we need a go fund me, for the people taking on these lawyers. πŸ€”

@garbados Well, at least the lawsuit against them won't have any trouble establishing its validity.

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