free software, labor power 

there is a theory of free software that encompasses and utilizes labor power to fortify, protect, and audit software ecosystems. foss classically relies on legal systems to enforce itself, ex: fsf, but you know law is for the rich. corpers want your code? they'll take your code.

open source as it stands just lowers wages and exploits unpaid labor, and still the resulting ecosystems are brittle and prone to widespread shocks and systemic failures.

every time i schedule an appointment, check out groceries, pick up meds, the secretary or clerk or doctor always seems to say, "sorry, the network doesn't want to work today," and i feel ashamed of the craft that we so egregiously fail to honor.

re: free software, labor power 

you'll never achieve enduring software freedom without unions, my dude

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free software, labor power 



This is why I set FOSS principles as baselines: Necessary, but by no means sufficient.

free software, labor power 

@garbados "Free as in free market" :thumbsup_claw:

free software, labor power 

@garbados What we need is not just free/libre software, but *liberatory* software, and it's hard to see how that happens without organized labor.

@morganmay @garbados We're in changing times and I expect that in the next decade the existing organizations could merge or be superseded by a more general software liberation or software commons movement which would encompass things like unionizing developers of public code.

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