jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

good article from jacobin (!) about labor power and renter power working together

“Workers and Renters of the World, Unite!”

> For all of this, we’ll need genuine social movement unionism — a strategy for workers’ power that looks beyond the conditions of any one occupational sector. In this strategy, unions draw strength not just from their power in the workplace, but from the power of their members’ communities — understanding that the people who workers educate, heal, protect, and service on the job, or who buy the products of their labor, are also, in vast numbers, worker-renters, too.

re: jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

this point about what pension money does behind your back hit me in particular:

> Paradoxically, union workers’ earnings are helping to finance corporate landlords. A 2015 review of annual pension reports found that more than thirty local and state public pensions invested $3.2 billion in the single-family foreclosure to rental portfolios of Blackstone Real Estate LP.

> One teacher close to retirement at New York City’s P.S. 3 put it this way: “My pension made my apartment unaffordable” — the teacher’s pension fund had invested in her displacement through its financing of private equity–backed rental portfolios held by Urban America. In a perverse twist, the pension fund’s fiduciary mandate to secure workers’ retirements was helping to push out some of the very same workers ready to retire.

be it noted that capital will never defeat capital, that capital cannot truly defend you from capital.

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re: jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

@garbados Holy sh... That is messed up!

re: jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

@cstanhope tfw you become your own landlord only to exploit yourself

re: jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

@garbados Ugh... Truly. :(

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