dreamed about the anarchist future where the story of batman and the joker lives on, but having morphed into a goofus-and-gallant type mythos. for example:

- the joker processes trauma into creative endeavors with the love and support of his community.
- batman represses trauma and expresses it as violence.
- the joker destroys the instruments of capital because they are the enemy of a humane society.
- batman derives power from the instruments of capital and uses it to assert a unilateral agenda.

this was set in some midwestern town where the myth of the joker had fully integrated into solarpunk juggalo traditions

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“we live in a society” becomes an expression about the importance of social responsibility, rather than a lamentation about hellworld 🤡

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The embodiment of multiplying two negatives (or trite, played out mythos) and getting a positive. 💐

"where the myth of the joker had fully integrated into solarpunk juggalo traditions" is so good out of context

@garbados Solarpunk Juggalo Traditions would make a great graduate level class

@garbados solarpunk juggalo is making me cry i think i found my new gender

@garbados Solarpunk juggalo traditions sounds fuckin rad as hell

@garbados this was what i originally thought it meant when i first saw that phrase referenced!

(which means i am 1000% okay with any collective effort to steal, reclaim and repurpose towards this end)

@garbados Solarpunk Juggalo Traditions is the name of my next album

@garbados are you writing this? Because this deserves to be written as a full length story...

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