imagine attending the conf where RMS gives a keynote in which he goes the fuck off about the need for unions. imagine the cognitive dissonance that would well up in the room as hundreds of hacker-types struggle to disentangle their anti-labor mythos from the hero worship embedded in that mythos

“software is free!”
*wild cheering*
“labor is not!”
*confused stares of disbelief*

@garbados imagine if your union demanded your company releases your work under GPL. That would be wild.

@garbados it's funny because his bad management is why the fsf unionized.

@garbados Okay.

During the speech he points out that the FSF response to ride sharing Apps ought to be worker owned .. by the drivers.

The software components could Free, (AGPL, likely), written by developers eventually hired at market rates. Without non-worker owners to worry about, it's possible this could be a good living for everyone involved.

Naturally it's designed with federation in mind, because cooperation will likely out-compete competition as a solution to capitalism.

@garbados is there a RMS 'white card' meme generator somewhere? :flan_think:

@pertho i got the template image from someone on masto but i can't remember their handle. i'll post it if i remember it. in the meantime, here's the template image:

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