tech is no more the enemy of the worker than the plow. it is not the yoke but they who put it upon you that must be defeated!

the luddites did not destroy machines in opposition to machinery itself but to those owners that used the machinery to impoverish and immiserate the people ✊️

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'The group was protesting against the use of machinery in a "fraudulent and deceitful manner" to get around standard labour practices.'

Well, it checks out upon cursory research, so I'm calling that a solid "probationary fact" in my head now. ^_^

(And thank you, because I was under the impression "luddites" were literally trying to just keep machines from being used at all.)

@sydneyfalk that’s the propaganda line bosses put in the history books 😛

@garbados @sydneyfalk

And so, Wikipedia followed them. Wipedia ask for notorious sources, but in most cases, propaganda (famous) newspaper are used as sources.

@garbados immiserate, fantastic choice of words! :) Very nice :)

@garbados There's a reason I don't like the term "neo-luddite" for modern anti-technology curmudgeons.

@thelazyoldfox because they tend to lack that labor analysis, or...?

@garbados Precisely, or are utterly devoid of labor context. "Kids and their cell phones these days".

I'd be okay with calling someone concerned about, for example, automated ordering kiosks at fast-food places shunting out workers a neo-luddite though.

@garbados ill bite as soon as someone can explainbhow were supposed to make it without the terrors of mining and eqaste

@hope this is part of why i’m so bully on unionization and not on tech solutions themselves. to keep these things from doing evil, to even begin to ask how to do them ethically, the workers that make tech must have the collective power to say, No More!

@garbados but its one thing for our unions to have a voice, and another for the colonized areas who's health and earth are being destroyed to have a say

@hope yep! it’s vital that they have power over these systems too — more power than any shareholder.

@hope @garbados its not the mining itself that's harmful to colonized peoples. this is why internationalism and supporting workers movements in the periphery is important.

@wintgenstein @garbados Mmm disagree. Mining and smelting these things is incredibly hazardous rare earth metals are poison

@hope @garbados mining conditions have improved a ton though. Working conditions are dangerous in more unregulated places because its cheaper to do it the dangerous ways

@garbados It will be interesting this go around considering the next new thing will soon be created by the machines themselves and us humans will be needed far less.

It's not like we need people to make as many cars as there were buggies, or as many cassettes and players as there were for 8 tracks.

It will be very interesting to see how the rich treat the not when the not aren't needed to make things. I should be dead by that time. But surely that time is coming.

@garbados I suppose it is. But I was referring to the scaled up version.

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