"the ads don't bother me much. i hardly notice them anymore" is such a cursed thing to hear, every time i hear it

yeah i attend the two minutes hate but like i don't really listen. turning off my radio-tv is illegal but it's just background noise now. why bother? it's fine.

but like am i gonna blame folks for trying to cope with surveillance capitalism? it's not their fault, how they're watched and manipulated. it's not their fault, the dearth of accessible tooling and safe defaults. this system of disenfranchisement is not their fault. i don't blame them for coping.

@garbados to be fair, I don't notice the ads that get blocked by the adblocker

@garbados guess their brain got trained to work as AR adblock


re: ads 


abuse ment 

@garbados i hate that false sense of security/superiority that so many people have, they think they're immune to society somehow

@_ shaking my ass in their face wearing booty shorts that read YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO PROPAGANDA

@garbados and they always base their whole life around the idea. politics, philosophy, personality, they all end up flowing from this egotistical denial that just doesn't hold up in practice

@garbados "I'm so not immune to propaganda, it's just automatic at this point"

@garbados For me, it's not about the surveillance or anything. I also hate ads that are just posters plastered around, not only ads on computers.

I mean, it's bad enough when it's not on computers; the spying is just the poop-covered cherry on top.

@garbados Twitter pro: can block any account, including all promotional accounts

Twitter con: the ads are 25% of all posts

@Ethancdavenport my partner showed me an ad yesterday of someone paying to boost pictures of their pet crow. no pitch, no sale, no click-through, none of it. it's just an individual who, for whatever fucking reason, wanted to spend their own money to increase engagement on *pictures of their pet crow*

@garbados I cannot say I would not do the same in their place, had I but a single corvid companion.

At least it’s not an ad for whatever garbage Hollywood shat out most recently.

@garbados "the ads don't bother me much. i hardly notice them anymore" — a person whistling a jingle.

@garbados "I don't even notice the emotional manipulation anymore"


Things TV watchers said about ads just before DVR was invented. Immediately after: "augh, pause it, skip it, why are we watching this?!"

"ads have no effect on me" is the answer I've gotten every single time I've ever asked a person who watches significant TV about the effect of ads. So what, all of the advertisers are just foolishly wasting money?

@cjd @garbados
a decent counter would be: "name five insurance companies", or "name five laundry detergent brands".
I bet they won't name any that don't massively advertise.

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