"lemayo, idgahf." the student speaks the transliteration aloud as though it were an incantation. she only learned recently the hoomahns could not in fact eject their buttocks by means of laughter, though the prospect of doing so seemed to fascinate them endlessly.

a litany of theses discuss how the hoomahns of earth might have possibly "given a fuck" but the matter remains hotly debated among lizard scientists.

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the squidpeople of a distant earth know us by the layer of plastic we leave in the geologic record

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later when the remains of the ISS knock their nascent space probes out of orbit, the squidpeople of earth come to regard their technological predecessor as "a menace long after death" while top squid officials are quoted as saying "what a fucking mess"

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@garbados To us it's the anthropocene, to our successors it's just the what the hell happened hereocene.
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