half the articles about the amazon strike are also like "did you cross the picket line and pick up an insta-pot? here's tips and tricks for using it!"

amazon strike 

amazon says only 15 employees struck yesterday, but:

1) they only refer to a single location, though the strike was global
2) photos of the location show many more people than that
3) amazon doesn't consider most of its workers to be employees

brazen misinfo because humane treatment is ~too expensive~

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the alternate present in which every workplace is unionized because, what, are you just not gonna listen to workers when they tell you about the work? who else could be more knowledgeable about it?

it just seems so weird that when the folks who do the work say "hey this sucks in preventable ways" management goes "you ungrateful buffoons! who has agitated my workers into such delinquency? no one but meddling traitors could claim my rule is anything but benevolent" like whoa, jeff, this doesn't need to get weird so why are you making it violent

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@garbados @russsaidwords The alternate present where trickle-down never won and people didn't have to beg on street corners for scraps.

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