explain to me how the web centralizes. it can't! you didn't see a single caching service bring down half the internet. you didn't see it because it didn't happen!


in the final episode of HBO's chilling miniseries "Cloudflare", a distributed systems engineer explains to the investigative committee that although Cloudflare recklessly sought a market dominance that made the web brittle and fragile, it was in fact the broader capitalist context that made it wise for them to do so. only the telecom lobby understands the gravity of the accusation, and endeavors successfully to blackball the engineer as a hopeless political radical.

I couldn't find that miniseries so I will take your toot as a brilliant script for an episode that should have been...?

@bhaugen it’s a riff on Chernobyl, which is a very good hbo series 👍

Great riff!
(And made me look for it... 😸 )

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