over here writing about communist animals in space, playing status games with psychic cattle and genejacked octopi. no humans. humans get out 🙅‍♀️


tired of dystopia. give me the struggles of those navigating abundance and community, cooperation and solidarity. what tests their moors, and what is the essence of their ways that transcends abundance? what does the humane world we dream of look like?

@garbados answer; the movies That Thing You Do and American Graffiti. While the stories happen in a USA which isn’t a utopia the characters enjoy hopes and a standard of living inaccessible now, and the stories are deeply personal in some resulting ways.

@garbados I agree. I kind of made a film about that, at least from the people-organizing-and-working-together perspective. Wanted to tell stories of positive motivation and not just crisis www.aneweconomy.ca and on the Netflix if you want to check it out

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