my neighbor and i talked about unions yesterday. he, a teacher at a local high school, asked, "are there any programmer unions? why not?"

"it's a long story. to make it short: is it so surprising that a discipline deployed primarily to disenfranchise labor would struggle to enfranchise itself?"

he laughed.

"the long version of that story is a tome about computer science education and the hacker mythos."


something sticking in my mind about this conversation with my neighbor is when i said “you can get fired for talking about unions” and he replied “that’s illegal!” so what could i say but “and yet”

all the reasons we haven’t unionized are precisely the reasons we must unionize.

@garbados I'm curious, being also a programmer but from another country (Spain) where “unions” probably work differently: why would you people need to unionise, what is missing now?

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