tabletop roleplaying, superheroes 

playing a tabletop rpg from the early 90s whose “good” alignment tries so hard to reconcile extralegal vigilanteism with a meticulous legalism, like you might beat people up to satisfy your own sense of ethics but you will never ever break the speed limit

tabletop roleplaying, superheroes 

anti-authoritarians are necessarily classed as being “unprincipled” like the very notion of a police state has never occurred to this system’s authors

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tabletop roleplaying 

damn i actually love roleplaying systems and like half that love comes from dunking on bad game designs

re: tabletop roleplaying 

@garbados Totally. My first RPG ever was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some 25ish years ago. It was put out by Palladium, and used the same truly awful system that Rifts had. Even in the beginning, we had to come up with house rule patches for the really absurd things, like how little damage all of the weapons did.

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