pronouncing pineapple like minneapolis

@garbados @stelepami now I'm wondering how the fuck you pronounce Minneapolis?? Min ee ah pul??

@June @garbados @stelepami
Tripoli is pronounced “triple-uh” in the midwest, so Minneapolis, also in the Midwest, is pronounced “Mini-apples,” right? 😛

@SelfsameSynonym @garbados @stelepami wtf I've never heard anyone say Minneapolis without the clear Ess at the end

@June @garbados @stelepami but what if it *was* pronounced like “mini apples” the same weird way Iowans pronounce Tripoli?

@June @garbados @stelepami or for that matter the same weird way Oregonians pronounce Aloha (uh low uh)

It's like they are inseparable. Who would have known that they are very different from each other?
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