my partner lucy and i have this shared sci-fi universe about communist animals in space titled The Shepherd and whenever we see animals collaborating in life we say "next time, on The Shepherd"

if you want to read more about The Shepherd, here's a rough draft of an episode from the series:

> cycles pass and i grow. i cannot see beyond my cage but i know the smells of the living and the dead, the many like me born and trapped in this place and the generations before us made into glue and fat and gristle. the stench of history engulfs me. it is so hard not to mistake it for destiny. hard to think about.

> but i spend so long trying.

confusingly, there are no sheep-like peoples aboard the Shepherd. it's just a name that stuck, tbh 🤷‍♀️

@garbados you can shepherd goats, and frankly, it's much easier.

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