tactics must shift with the times. "free software" was a valuable resistance against the commercialization of software as it existed at the time and produced many useful and valuable projects, but now it is simply used as a method of wage evasion for some of the most profitable entities that have ever existed in human history

@garbados @dankwraith I think it's critical to recall that open source =/= free software. This is a big reason I license most of my stuff AGPL. Yes, the code is out there for Amazon/Google/Facebook to see, but their own corporate policies require that they don't use it, and if they do, they have to give me back all their improvements.

Don't use permissive licenses and this ceases to be a problem.

@tindall @garbados @dankwraith I like permissive licenses because I dislike complexity. I don't want to be bothered by legal this and that, and things I'm not allowed to do. Unlicense, cc0, wtfpl etc lets me just shut up and hack.


@byllgrim @tindall @dankwraith i relate to this, and i suppose it’s why i appreciate a robust discourse around licensing because in the end i get to just pick one rather than writing up my own (gosh, imagine that nightmare!)

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