i made a bookmarking app a while ago but today i gave it some polish. it's called "linkfriend"

it stores data in your browser rather than on a central server, so no one is ever privy to it but you. plus, it indexes bookmarks by associated tags so you can search them easily. let me know how you like it :)



linkfriend's goal is to support distribution of link lists over p2p protocols like Dat, but so far that has been too labor-intensive for me to tackle. once you can distribute link lists and index them, you will be able to use the search feature like a kind of mini-search engine for your corner of the web. i hope someday to deliver that possibility :)

check the readme for more on of linkfriend's roadmap:


my favorite part of this project was writing a simple query language for searching tags. '+' to include a tag, '-' to exclude, and ',' to separate tags. it was a pain to build a typeahead that understood the query language but i did it! it felt so good to see it in action for the first time :D

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@garbados oh that's like the old imageboard and, i think, some forum tag systems! cool that you got a typeahead to integrate with that

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