@garbados one time in US history i was giving a presentation on Klaus Fuchs and i pronounced his name "Klaus Fucks" for like 15 minutes until the teacher corrected me

@dirt one time in english i was giving a presentation on walt whitman and queerness and the teacher interrupted me to say “your thesis is invalid because it was much less stigmatized then to be gay” and a very queer and very secret part of me mumbled her way through the rest of it

@dirt i’d be delighted to hear him reason it out today lol but i’m afraid the nuance has been lost to time


@dirt did the teacher not know about Oscar Wilde's prison sentence? What?

@garbados i mean, i'm so terrible at pronouncing french that if someone told me that is how it's pronounced, with a straight face, i might believe them

@balrogboogie for lexical crimes i hereby sentence you to cancellation 🙅

(jk jk jk ❤️ )

@garbados oh yeah, Umberto Eco’s “Fucko’s Pendulum.”

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