it’s tragically easy to imagine better tech

s/millenials/snake people/
s/robot apocalypse/late capitalism/

electronics are no more the enemy of the people than the lever or the pulley. it is not the object which oppresses you but they who use it to oppress.

I mean, except for the explosive collars Amazon workers will start wearing in 2019

@cathal still bezos’ fault

i guess if we’re asking about the ethics of the existence of weapons — like, is a sword oppressive by nature — i think the answer is no

Bezos is the real weapon, forged in capitalism, quenched in the undervalued labour of the lumpen. Does not have to be cast back into the fires of mount doom though, because of planned obsolescence he'll fall apart in a few decades anyway

@garbados @cathal i don't totally disagree, but at the same time i honestly don't know what i think about the fundamental question.

it always seems like there's a sort of technological determinism at work in the world. the tech's properties shape the emergent culture and history. i'm super _uncomfortable_ with the idea that a given tech (so in some sense a given form of _knowledge_) might be intrinsically "evil", but on the other hand...

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@garbados sometimes i imagine how powerful queer techy fediverse would be as a collective if it was properly supported. the things we'd create

@polymerwitch i think about this a lot. we’ve agitated and we’ve educated — it’s time to organize!

@garbados There is really no reason why we can’t all host our own instance on our smartphone. The only reason we can’t is because capitalists have installed software on our machines specifically so we can’t do it.


> host our own instance

self-hosting is great but it hits an expertise distribution problem: just as not everyone can repair a car, not everyone can admin a server, and we shouldn’t expect them to. i’d like to see more self-hosted hypervisors, like a libre, so admin expertise can service more communities without a necessarily commercial relationship.

> on our smartphone

[insert rant about uptime here]

@garbados Admin experience yes. Still there’s no reason why the admin can’t be centralized and the actual hosting occurs on the phone.

Just plug it in at night and uptime. And perhaps people would simply accept 90% uptime like in the 80s and a lot of the 90s...

@garbados I am old enough to remember checking email once per day, if the server responded.

@tibius @garbados it's not actually the worst idea in the world, although I'd never do it. And I certainly *could* host a fedi instance on my phone if I wanted to.

One issue you'd need to solve is offline message delivery - it's a killer to require both sides to be online at the same time for a message to move from A to B.

@lupine i mentioned to tibius in another reply that you can accomplish offline delivery using modern p2p protocols like dat

@garbados thanks, didn't see that. You could, but I don't think any fedi software implements it at present, does it?

@lupine activitypub left a lot of things out of the spec in order to accomodate p2p approaches, but the tooling for this kind of stuff is still in its infancy. peertube uses some p2p tech to improve bandwidth, but i don’t know much about it.

@lupine @garbados I think it should be possible to get admining an instance down to Facebook User level of skill or easier, especially with distributed p2p stuff.

I mean, it’s not experienced admins who are running BitCoin. It’s script kiddies. It should be that easy or easier.

@tibius @garbados yeah, that'd be nice. Leaving aside the insanity of deploying a rails application, docker, etc, one of the harder bits is interfacing with the DNS. One could do away with the need entirely with, or automate it for people who don't already have a domain, I guess.

@lupine @garbados Well, Rails is kind of resourse intensive and the main reason why I don’t have a Mastodon instance of my own.

ActivityPub and the Fediverse do not require Rails though. There is room for a future software that isn’t built on the world’s most obtuse stack...

@tibius @garbados aye, I use pleroma + mastofe, almost entirely because of the reduced deployment requirements. It runs on my home router with no fuss at all. Plenty of room for other implementations though.

@lupine @tibius

> runs on my home router

damn i wanna read the how-to for putting pleroma on a router

@garbados Honestly, for a long time I've wanted to build media server/router/NAS/NextCloud/Federation servers, and try to make that easy

The second being the hard part - has the platforms I'd probably use

@tibius fair points, but ok, here’s that uptime rant:

i think it’s possible to get 100% uptime on content even if the content’s source is offline using p2p protocols like dat, so uptime becomes a collective effort rather than a singular one. you could post to your phone and then turn it off while recipients propagated it amongst themselves.

@garbados Secondary pubsub servers COULD solve this problem though... I hope.

But that shoves the server administration problem back into play.
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