sui, death of a friend 

i have been thinking a lot about a friend who killed herself this year. i wrote an essay about it around the time it happened:

i am still grieving her a lot more than i generally admit

sui mention, h e l l w o r l d 

> How do you tell diversity-conscious bluebloods that it's nice that they want our under-represented labor in their scabware factories, but that only the destruction of their class will feed our people? How do you just keep doing tech support after a friend commits suicide by immolation in political protest? I guess you just have to. You put food on the table or the rich let you starve. Same as it ever was.

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essay about software 

this essay is probably the one i'm most proud of from this year: "Regarding why software is so bad"

> Only together can we seize the craft from the industry. Only together can we demand and develop the high ethical standards that public infrastructure requires. We are not scabs or mercenaries. We are craftspeople, and we will do our craft justice.

essay about ST:DS9 

but honestly writing this essay about star trek meant the most to me:

> The act of imagining possibilities like these is sacred and incredible. When you feel beset by a cruel eternity, it is a vital act of defiance. Distilling these imaginings into works of art allows us to pool our sense of what is possible, and to imagine even greater futures. Together we find the nature of a brighter day.

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essay about p2p software patterns 

i used to write a lot of articles about software patterns or writing particular classes of applications, and after some traumatic shit, i stopped. this year i wrote one essay like that and it's not great but i'm proud i was able to return to the format at all:

"Kill Your Server And Get Back To Bed: Patterns for Serverless Applications"

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essay about software 

@garbados Like.

New genre: GXS


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