welcome to my pessimistic social network, grumblr

welcome to my oops it’s a social network oh no, bumblr

welcome to my social network of garbled text, mumblr

@garbados Welcome to my social network of failed novels, crumblr

@noelle @garbados Maybe if you had talked about it then mine wouldn't have tripped over it, stumblr


@garbados @noelle Welcome to my social network of tired people, slumbr

@minego @garbados @noelle welcome to my social network for math geeks and anesthesiologists, numblr!

@balrogboogie @minego @garbados @noelle
Welcome to my social network for people that have a hard time figuring out what to say, umblr.

@WeeMadHamish @balrogboogie @minego @garbados @noelle

welcome to my OTHER social network that's focused around mindful meditation and general self-examination and philosophy


@sydneyfalk @balrogboogie @minego @garbados @noelle All the other social medias are great, but I've got one that's great for the intersections of bees, people with balance issues, and classic silent films. Presenting:


@sydneyfalk @balrogboogie @minego @garbados @noelle Lol, whoops accidentally created a cycle due to partial retoots of the thread. Think I'm going to own it anyway. It probably need a cycle. 🤣

@garbados @noelle @minego jumblr is actually a tag on tumblr for judaism related posts! ✡️😁

@garbados Welcome to my social website for lovers of word puzzles, jumblr.

@garbados welcome to my social network that gets knocked down but gets back up again, chumbawumblr

@garbados welcome to my school of witchcraft and wizardry, dumbldr

@garbados Welcome to my website of people getting electrocuted, thrumblr

@garbados Perhaps you would like to subscribe to my music service of one-hit wonders by bands with a message which has been utterly lost: chumblr wumblr

@garbados Please link your site to my mildly melancholy and inwardly focused social network, glumblr

@garbados I'd like you to connect all your social networks to my grammar-focused one, proper-speller.
Am I doing it right?

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